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All The Way Down [REMAKE] All The Way Down [REMAKE]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love the composition! And the sounds sound soothing. That violin(?) that starts off the song and comes back at 00:30 doesn't sound as realistic as the rest of the instruments though. But that's just a real tiny detail, i really like this! Great work :)

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{B.A.B.} Glory and Infamy WIP {B.A.B.} Glory and Infamy WIP

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You're still awesome.

Really, i like this so much. You always put so much in your songs and they feel like a journey from beginning to end without it even getting boring. There are so many elements in this, so many sections and they fit seamlessly together.

It really is a shame that such a song as this gets so little recognition. You put so much time and effort in this, this song deserves more attention than it is getting. Alas, i can't change that. The least i can do is letting you know that the effort you put in is appreciated.

Congratulations on being creative, inventive and original. Keep up the good work :)

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blackattackbitch responds:

Thanks so much dude, I don't worry so much about getting recognition, all that matters to me is whether those that hear it enjoy it as much as I do, plus any tips to help me improve my work. After all, I have a ways to go before I reach the level of Danman87, ParadoxPhenomena, Maestrorage and Gravey.

Thanks again, I should have another song up this weekend if you're interested.

Seawise Seawise

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I've had this on loop for the past 6 hours.
I think i don't really want to do anything else anymore.. just, listening to the robotic waves of angelic voices, washing my soul. Cleansing my whole being. Making me.. pure.

Thank you

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B7 - Destiny's End B7 - Destiny's End

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I hated the song, but the ending was alright. Vaginas ^_^
Nah, kidding, the whole song was brutal. I always listen to the stuff you upload. It appears in my feed and then i'm like.. ''ooooh, a burn7 song, omnomnom''
So yeah, your songs are quite appreciated! And this song is no different, i love how everything just.. fits. And your drums.. are real nice. Also really liked that break at 02:33.
However! The reverb was cut off a bit abruptly. I would say to either have no reverb going into the break at all, or to let the reverb fade out naturally.
Ah well, that's just a tiny tiny thing that bothered me. For the rest.. awesome work like always!
Keep it up :)

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Burn7 responds:

Baaaahahaha! I can't believe you noticed that. Was it THAT obvious? :P I didn't do the best editing right there, I was hoping it was subtly shitty enough to pass without anybody really noticing hahah

Thanks for checking it out!

But, serious. Vaginas dude.

Waterfall City Tower Waterfall City Tower

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A review. From me. Yes, it's true! :O
Let's just jump into this..

First of all, good intro.
The soft beat.. STOP and then you just get thrown into the song (or track, whatever you wanna call it :p)
This sounds cool. The kick is a bit odd, but it fits. Drums are nice.
It creates an atmosphere that i can easily place in a videogame, where you can explore some kind of futuristic city.
One thing about the high-hats though. From 00:06 to 00:30 there seems to be no dynamics in it. This could be intentional, but it does bug me (only slightly), because i don't think there's any drummer who would play like this. A down stroke is followed by an up stroke and the up stroke is much softer. So instead of.. TSH TSH TSH TSH it goes.. TSH tsh TSH tsh
But it's just a tiny tiny thing. After the 30 second mark there's a different sequence on the high hats so it doesn't apply anymore.
I like that pad (or strings) in the background. Just the right amount of attack.
I'm not too fond of those crashes (or is it a ride?) on the 30 second mark and they return at other points in the song too. It's too.. attention grabbing in my opinion.

The sounds you used fit well together.

Also, someone below me that they didn't like that effect on 00:46.
Well.. i do like it! It's just a sort of.. attention grabber. In a good way. It kind of re-introduces you to the song for about 4 songs and then it continues.

(now some maintenance guy is fixing our central heating system and making a lot of noise doing so. I can't really pay attention to the track this way. Go away maintenance guy.
yay, he's done!)

I really like those bells you used.
Cool transition at 01:04. Nice subtle bass.
I think this is my favourite part of the song, starting at 01:21. Or maybe 01:58 is my favourite.. i dunno :O The guitar at 01:58 just sounds so nice!
And the melody on the guitar at 01:30 is really cool too and i like how it gets taken over by that synth at 01:50.

From the 2 minute mark the song is a bit calmer. But those melodies.. i like them.
And it's kinda funny, i recognize that background synth that comes in at 02:51 :p
I used it in one of my own tracks too

I like the end. It feels like you're leaving the city and you see it fading away the more you separate yourself from it.

So, this review was all over the place. Hope it's somewhat helpful ^_^
Some more points:
- Like MockOff said, maybe you could play with the dynamics a bit more
- Sounds fit together
- Nice guitar!
- Some minor points on the drums, but i like them overall. The panning is cool.
- Enough changes in the song to keep me interested and wondering where it's headed.
- Flows well, good transitions.
- Art that inspired you and this track go good together.

So yep. This was it :O

alternativesolution responds:

I... couldn't do it... I can't leave such an awesome response to match such an awesome review :'(

The feedback on the drums is especially helpful. I'm really glad you like the atmosphere and that it conveyed to you what it did - that is just what I was going for!

I think the part around 1:21 is my favorite, too. But I also like the end... mainly 'cause of that heading-home feel. Thing.

Yep! So, considering we already spoke after you left this detailed review...well...this is all I can say. Thanks sooo much, you ^__^

Stop the World Stop the World

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey, this is pretty cool!
A pretty simple song, but it does what it sets out to accomplish. And it just sounds.. good!
May i ask what you play?
My only point of critique is that the rhythm guitar could've sounded a bit heavier. But that's personal preference, i guess.

Scarface responds:

I'm glad you liked it! I play drums in the band by the way.

I see what you mean about the rhythm guitar. Since we only actually have one guitarist, who does overdubs for recorded versions of songs, the rhythm guitar parts usually don't get as much put into them as the lead does.

Thanks for the mention, though, I'll be sure to bring that up on the next song!

Crystalline Crystalline

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Like Deshiel said, it fits with the art.
Sounds like i'm walking on ice. Looks beautiful, unlike anything i've ever seen. But then i see a weird looking monster is under the ice, trying to break through to get to me. I try running away, but because i panic too much i keep slipping. I can hear the ice cracking.
The monster's eyes reveal a great hunger.
Finally, the ice breaks. My legs are grabbed and i get pulled under water.
It takes a few seconds, then i'm gone.

Above the surface, everything is peaceful again.
Below it, i am being devoured.

zeefae responds:

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your artistic insight as well. I'm glad that the music could have given you some imagery too. I'm flattered. Its a beautiful story you've weaved.

Bucket of Loops: Menu 02 Bucket of Loops: Menu 02

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like it!
Maybe the drums could be a bit softer though, especially that snare really stands out.
For the rest, no complaints :p Looking forward to the next bucket (of loops)

alternativesolution responds:

Thanks for the feedback :3 Hope it's better now.

Coded Coded

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a pretty nice song.
Some pointers..
Like DjAbbic said, the piano could sound a bit more realistic. You do make good use of dynamics though!
Also, maybe you could have a bit more going on. I mean, it doesn't seem to have a sort of.. direction. It doesn't seem to go anywhere.
I do like the calmness though and the melody. And the ending.

So, good work and keep striving for improvement! :)

geniebmusic responds:

Thank you for the advice! I'll work harder for sure.

It's The Way(Demo Track) It's The Way(Demo Track)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Gonna be honest here..
I don't particularly like this. Not saying it's bad, but it could use some work.
The piano sounds very.. robotic and could do with some humanizing. The strings sound pretty weak.
But aside from how they sound, what they play is alright. Not the most original composition, but i think it accomplishes what you are aiming for.
And your singing.
I think you could put a bit more.. intonation into it. It sounds pretty flat, if i'm honest. Your voice does have potential though.
At some points.. it sounds pretty off key. Especially after 02:10.

I'm not trying to be an ass or something, in my opinion a critical review that points out things to improve on can help you more than ''Oh wow i like it'' although the latter is nicer to hear.
Don't stop making music and keep improving! :)

Sol responds:

Just a demo track~:)

I kinda disagree on the flat thing except at 02:10. Not that I'm calling you a liar, my choir teacher taught me singing and I go with her opinion (she been teaching for years). If it were to be off key I would know-I have good ears! :) I'm just not at the right volume so my voice hit inside the track.

The producer messed up the piano because he layered two tracks on top since it was .mp3 which takes out 100 binary codes in the file, giving it less capacity, he said next time put the piano under a .wav-which I will.

This was only my second time recording at this studio, and won't be the last!

It's my fault for changing the plan about the piano (since I suck at it). I use REFX Nexus which does not sound robotic, sounds 100% real when it's not layered on top of another track-.-)... I was gonna have a friend do the piano, but she kinda didn't have the piano sheet to study from...So I just produced one. :)

I have been giving complaints about my attitude in the song. I was VERY nervous. -sad face- But I get less nervous every time I go there. :)

Thank you for reviewing!!! <3<3<3

P.S. We're all professionals here, and we all make mistakes all the time! :)