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Hahaha xD

Oh man, i cracked up when i saw that you used my music again :')
I was pretty pissed the first time, but i can't really remember why. There's no such thing as bad publicity, right? :p
''Thanks to MH16's music, which always perfectly matches the erotic visuals perfectly.''
You know, although i don't like the drawings you make, i like your humour.
You get a 5 for the effort.


Why did you use my music for this?
Seriously, this is pathetic!

rkraft responds:

The Music i think added an extra edge that could make a viewer more interested and drawn in.


This is really cool. I wish the game will be as cool as this!

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Best thing i've seen. Ever.

Wow man, this has got to be the best Flash on Newgrounds. By far.
It's so well thought out and executed.
I mean, having a good idea is one thing, but to execute it this well.. i'm impressed.
And it actually gives you stuff to think about. Normally, you don't really think about the letter 'B', but when you do you can only come to the conclusion that the letter 'B' is unmissable in anyones life.
You can't life without the letter 'B'.
I love you for making this.

BanglaBoy96 responds:


Great game!

I'm addicted to this game now...
There's one problem with the medals for me though. I have the Professional, Master and the Worldsedge medal, but the Amateur medal is still locked. That's kinda weird.
Anyway, thanks for this great game!

Pretty good

But what does my score mean?
I mean, i got 4888 points, but does that mean that i have very good eyes or bad eyes or average eyes?
Other than that, there's good music, nice visuals and it's nice to play.

Spielehorst responds:

Thanks! 4888 points are pretty good but what should i change?
1000-2000 points : bad
2000-3000 points : average
3000-5000 points : good
5000-8000 points : Eagle Eyes
something like that ?

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I can't deduct any stars from this for it not being an original track.

That being said, really good work! I mean, it's not my cup of tea, but i'll have to refrain from personal opinion while rating the quality of this piece.
Despite this not being my taste, i can really appreciate this track for it's quality, creativity and vibe. Great use of vocal samples.
I have this on a loop while writing this review and i must say.. it's growing on me a bit.

So yeah, great work, keep it up!

Quarl responds:

yay! I've gained fairsquares lurv and approval.

Love the composition! And the sounds sound soothing. That violin(?) that starts off the song and comes back at 00:30 doesn't sound as realistic as the rest of the instruments though. But that's just a real tiny detail, i really like this! Great work :)

You're still awesome.

Really, i like this so much. You always put so much in your songs and they feel like a journey from beginning to end without it even getting boring. There are so many elements in this, so many sections and they fit seamlessly together.

It really is a shame that such a song as this gets so little recognition. You put so much time and effort in this, this song deserves more attention than it is getting. Alas, i can't change that. The least i can do is letting you know that the effort you put in is appreciated.

Congratulations on being creative, inventive and original. Keep up the good work :)

blackattackbitch responds:

Thanks so much dude, I don't worry so much about getting recognition, all that matters to me is whether those that hear it enjoy it as much as I do, plus any tips to help me improve my work. After all, I have a ways to go before I reach the level of Danman87, ParadoxPhenomena, Maestrorage and Gravey.

Thanks again, I should have another song up this weekend if you're interested.

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Nice work!
First of all, i love the contrast between the background and the character. And the artstyle of those trees is just so pretty!
Looked at the sketch too. And this is such an improvement on that. I read your description that came with the sketch and you say that it's hard to exactly write down an explanation of your thoughts that made you draw this. So i'll tell you what it made me think about.
Being Dutch, i've been told many stories about the second world war. The stories mainly involved Dutch people and how they tried to resist to their country being taken over. Giving shelter to people while risking their own lives and that of their families. Sabotaging the enemy as much as they could.
I think that, if you'd ask me to summarize this drawing in one word it would be: ''Resistance''

Anyway.. great drawing. The guy that hung himself and the impaling on the hills really give it a sense of urgency.
Keep it up! :)

Ha, cool!

You're a really great drawer :)
And i played Rayman 2 too, so i recognize Goblox.
Not much else i can say really, good job on this :D

FudgeMellow responds:

Thanks! :) Glad everything is recognizable. :}

Btw, I can't say I know too many people who've played Rayman 2 for the 64 these days, so that's totally neat that you've played. Woohoo!

Cool coloring!

I really like the shades of blue you used and the orange cat is a nice contrast :)
It looks really cool, but there's one thing for me to criticize and that is the shape of the wings. Especially the left wing (from our point of view) looks like it's.. broken or something. I can see that you intended that the middle part of the wing stands up a bit, but i think the angle is too sharp for that.. or something.
I have no idea what i'm talking about actually :p
Anyway, keep up the good work miss :)

FudgeMellow responds:

haha, yea, the wings were supposed to be like mid-flap, but i screwed them up. i didn't really have time to draw the wings for the billionth time tho so i just had to roll with it. :P the flight feathers should curve up if it's flapping like that, but they curve down, because i'm smart like that. next time i might have the opportunity to correct something like that, but i'm glad you like it otherwise! :D

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