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Entry #121


2013-04-05 21:37:58 by FairSquare

Yeah, i a pretty long time ago that i'd make a newspost every time i'm drunk or tipsy.
That didn't happen.
But i'm tipsy now and thus, i'm making a newspost. Yep.


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2013-04-05 21:53:50

And I am sober and making a comment ^^

FairSquare responds:

Nice. Cool. Yep.


2013-04-06 00:42:49

hi fairsquare
how u doin

FairSquare responds:

Doing okay. You?


2013-04-06 01:50:57

May I ask, what kind of beverage were you drinking?

FairSquare responds:



2013-04-06 04:59:58

I think you Englished your sentence very well.

FairSquare responds:

I was tipsy, not drunk :p


2013-04-06 15:32:06

At least you're sober enough to post. :P

FairSquare responds:

Yeah, i wasn't wasted or anything. Just tipsy :)


2013-04-07 01:49:54

How can you be drunk from beer, it's like water.

FairSquare responds:

You must drink the wrong beer, then


2013-04-07 03:46:05

English beer doesn't get you drunk. You only have to piss from it. A lot.

So it's better to just throw it into the toilet from the beginning.

FairSquare responds:

Good thing i don't drink English beer :)


2013-04-07 09:06:40

Irish is another story though.

FairSquare responds:

Belgian is pretty good too :p


2013-04-07 09:42:31

I'm fine. Been fairly sick for the past week.
Still feel a bit shit.

FairSquare responds:

Glad you're getting better


2013-04-07 15:34:02

Oh yes, and German.

I am disappointed in Dutch beer (mostly) though.

FairSquare responds:

Well, i live in Twente. Grolsch is THE beer to drink over here and that's what i drink most of the time.


2013-04-08 03:14:01

I find Grolsch to be good enough, but it tends to be a tad too sweet for me.

By the way, I often go on holiday to Twente. Holten, to be exact. That in the vicinity?

FairSquare responds:

That's roughly 40 KM away :p


2013-04-09 22:28:02

6/10. You wasn't tipsy enough.

FairSquare responds:

True. But i had to work the next day, so i had an excuse :3


2013-04-10 07:01:02

Damn. I'm going back there in two weeks.

FairSquare responds:

Oh, cool ^_^


2013-04-11 22:07:51

Productive newspost, indeed

FairSquare responds:

I know right? :O


2013-04-11 23:04:59

Aha. That explains a lot.
9/10 because you're a responsible young fella.

FairSquare responds:

Ahw, thanks :3