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Entry #120

Calm down now..

2013-03-26 07:55:53 by FairSquare

Sit back, relax and enjoy this massage


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2013-03-26 08:33:36

but- but I pee from there

FairSquare responds:

Relax.. relax and see what happens..


2013-03-26 09:30:51

how can i enjoy???? im a busy dude finding some medals and making ranks can i relax huh?

FairSquare responds:

Don't ask how.. just do it. Lay down, lay still and lets get all that tension out of your muscles


2013-03-26 11:04:51

Wai- where did all that massage oil come from?

FairSquare responds:

That's not massage oil, silly


2013-03-26 12:05:01

No time, I live intensecity.

FairSquare responds:

Everyone needs to stop and relax at some point. Try it, i think you'll like it ;)


2013-03-26 14:33:21

Oh sheit!

FairSquare responds:

oh yes ;)


2013-03-27 05:13:47

Will you find it awkward if I got a boner?

FairSquare responds:

Nah, i'd see it as a compliment ;p


2013-03-27 08:00:00

you got the job!! how soon can you start?! <|:D

FairSquare responds:

Right away, sir


2013-03-27 08:44:04


FairSquare responds:

Why not?


2013-03-27 13:29:38

:( I wish I had time to spare.

(Updated ) FairSquare responds:

Me too Eli.. wish i could rub my hands all over you..


2013-03-27 18:59:23

Oooo yeah. Sage my masses plz.

FairSquare responds:

Your masses will be sage'd


2013-03-28 17:53:51

*sits down and relax*

Make sure you use Cocoa oil for this cocoa lady.

FairSquare responds:

Don't worry, i've got everything i need ;)


2013-04-01 12:14:03

Ooh, 'tis free! What is better than that?

FairSquare responds:

Look who it is :O
And yes, totally free. But it would be even better if you'd get paid for it.
That would make you some kind of prostitute though, so nevermind


2013-04-02 14:52:40

I meditate to this message...

FairSquare responds:

Yeah, right, ''meditate''


2013-04-02 16:30:04

Your Dutch man Mr Fair, but Square
The man who stare at stairs
The dude who's blare and snare
To be your friend of scare of despair...

Sorry, I called you a Dutch, please don't be offended.

FairSquare responds:

I stare at stairs? Cool.

And i actually am Dutch.
So i'm kind of offended that you thought it would be an offense to say i'm Dutch!!!! >:-(