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Entry #118

Oh, hi..

2013-02-18 14:32:03 by FairSquare

Please knock before entering next time, hmkay?


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2013-02-18 14:33:09


FairSquare responds:

Appreciate it


2013-02-18 17:24:36

But then I'll miss all the (kinky) stuff that's been going on before I entered...

FairSquare responds:

Oh, you wouldn't want to miss that now, would you?


2013-02-18 23:08:43

Uh, dude. Why are you in my house?

FairSquare responds:

That's kind of a long story


2013-02-18 23:46:46

We actually just have beads for doors, man.

FairSquare responds:

That sucks.
You should yell: ''I'm coming in!'' before entering then.


2013-02-19 07:48:37

I know what I saw. Do you went to talk about it.

FairSquare responds:

With who should i talk about it?
Or did you mean ''want'' instead of ''went''? Because the sentence doesn't make a whole lot of sense now :p


2013-02-19 08:02:56

Want. I meant want.

FairSquare responds:

I.. i don't know if i want to talk about it. Do you?


2013-02-19 08:25:46

That's what I'm here for. :)

FairSquare responds:

That makes sense..

It all started when i was just a little kid. I used to go in the cupboard and sit in the dark alone.
Didn't do this often. Only about twice a month, i think.
It felt peaceful there. I was on my own and no one could disturb me.
After about half an hour, i would come out of the cupboard and proceed like it never happened.

There first time i did this, my mom didn't know where i went and she became really worried. That's what she told me when i was older.
So when she saw me just playing with my toys half an hour later, she was relieved and asked me where i was. I told her i sat in the dark cupboard for half an hour.
She just said: ''Oh, okay'', gave me a kiss on my cheek and let me continue playing with my toys.

The next time i hid in the cupboard, i heard someone knocking after about twenty minutes.
So i asked: ''Who is there?''
It was my mom. She said she had milk and cookies for me. So i came out, hugged my mom, drank the milk and ate the cookies, then went playing with my toys again.

Every next time i hid in that cupboard, my mom would knock after about twenty minutes and i would come out and hug my mom. It became a ritual.

So, i guess that every time someone enters my room now without knocking.. it feels like a violation.
My room is a replacement for the cupboard, i guess.


2013-02-19 20:54:01

Next time? I'll kick your door!

FairSquare responds:

If you must :(


2013-02-21 11:46:16

Next time I'm going to knock. And I will have milk and cookies waiting for you.

FairSquare responds:

Ahhww, how sweet :3

(to avoid confusion though, i made that story up)


2013-02-21 19:18:06

Lol! I knew that!

FairSquare responds:

Hahaha, good. Just wanted to make sure :p


2013-02-22 20:41:14

You trickster! What have you been smoking?

FairSquare responds:

Hahaha, oooh, i'm quite the trickster ain't i?


2013-02-22 20:41:51

:L I bet you don't get that references...

FairSquare responds:

Yes, i do :p


2013-03-03 14:42:35

Judging by your profile pic, you cut your hair again. Its nice!

FairSquare responds:

I did, about 3 weeks ago (if not longer). Thanks :)