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Big show tonight!

2013-01-19 06:57:53 by FairSquare

Yes, a big show!

My band and i (The Skavemen) will perform tonight in front of about.. 300 people. Maybe more. Like, 400. Maybe 500 :O
Anyhow, it's in about 7 hours from now and i'm excited plus a liiiitle bit nervous.
Oh, and i also have a drum solo ^_^
Material will be uploaded here :D

4 other bands played the night of me and my band's performance too. It was also a contest of who would sell the most tickets. And guess what?
We fucking won! 1st place! And got offered 1 or 2 new gigs. Sweet :D


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2013-01-19 09:13:24

Good luck man!

I just came on here to listen to your music again, and dude I did not realise how many submissions you had. I'm definitely going to have to take some time out to listen to some more of these. Hope your gig goes swimmingly!

FairSquare responds:

Thanks Lucy! We came in 1st place, read my edit :p :D
Hope you enjoy your tour through my music and thanks for the support :)


2013-01-27 01:13:09

Cool!!!!! You guys won! I'm so happy for you.guys. Makes me think about that dream I had about you. I wish I could see you guys play irl so i can yell, "Hey I know that guy! FairSquare!!!!!"

FairSquare responds:

And oh yeah, that dream :p Would be cool if you can see me live someday. That would mean we'd be doing a tour in America :D


2013-01-27 21:37:27

That would be awesome. Does your band have a cd or anything.?

FairSquare responds:

Not yet, but we're working on it :)
I will let you know if we do