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Entry #114

So, a couple of things

2013-01-02 18:35:30 by FairSquare

Okay, news.

- I am alive
- My band and i will have a big show soon (material will be uploaded)
- Haven't really been active with making music, just drumming in my band
- And how are you?

-- Even newer news--
- I have been banned for 3 days :O (One day and about 18 hours left now..

---- Newer than new news----
- Ban is over. Hurray!


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2013-01-03 00:52:07

I am also alive.

FairSquare responds:

This is great news.


2013-01-03 05:02:28

I'm alive and kicking. Good to hear everything's going fine there.

FairSquare responds:

Yep, glad you're still alive too :)


2013-01-03 09:29:11

Good good

FairSquare responds:

Indeed indeed


2013-01-04 12:28:07

Being alive is good! And that's awesome to hear about your big show :D Being in a band must take lots of time, yes?

FairSquare responds:

Alts! :D How are you?
And it's not that bad. We rehearse about 2 hours per week. And we chill about 2/3 hours a week too.
So about 5 hours per week are spent on my band.


2013-01-04 16:07:46

FairSquare responds:

You make comments


2013-01-04 16:07:47

FairSquare responds:

without content.


2013-01-06 08:08:53

I didn't get my short story yet.

FairSquare responds:

I know, i know :(
It became kind of a burden, since i just kept putting it off. I shouldn't have promised it.
So sorry, no short story. Hope you can forgive me :O


2013-01-06 08:32:40

Of course, dankjewel anyway

FairSquare responds:

Haha, geen dank :p


2013-01-12 02:09:54

Are you a Jew? :P Your hair is pretty.

(Updated ) FairSquare responds:

Haha, not a jew, no. It's silly, i 'm the only one with curly hair in my family.
And thanks :3 Although, it is a lot longer now.
Ohwait, just realized you were probably talking about the profile pic and not the vid..


2013-01-12 22:29:13

But can you eat a turkey within 20 minutes

FairSquare responds:

I've never eaten turkey before, don't even know if i like it.


2013-01-13 11:27:23

Good to see that you're alive. I'll just put this eulogy away...

Also, I'm glad to hear that you've been playing in your band. I'm sure you're pretty happy about that :)

FairSquare responds:

Eulogy? What did it say? :O :O :O
And yes, i am :)
How are you?


2013-01-13 13:42:56

What'd you get banned for?

FairSquare responds:

Making a spam topic. I was bored.


2013-01-13 13:43:19

Yeah what'd should be what would, but just read it as what did, okay?

FairSquare responds:

That's okay :)


2013-01-13 14:14:43

Funny how when a person gets banned, he starts seeing threads he could actually contribute too.
Unlike when you're not banned.

FairSquare responds:

Yeah, indeed. I suddenly started seeing all kinds of threads that i wanted to respond to, but couldn't.
Weird how that works.


2013-01-14 07:27:55

I lied. This paper is just a grocery list. I wanted you to think I'd have nice things to say if you died :(
And I'm fine. Living a boring life but fine.
Also, wait a damn minute. How can you never have eaten turkey?

FairSquare responds:

A.. a grocery list? :( Oh well, that's more important than my eulogy. I mean, i'm dead and stuff so i don't really need anything, but you're still alive and you need groceries to have something to eat and not starve.
A boring life doesn't sound nice. But at least you're fine :) And you made me think of that song.
''OH-oh-oh-oh-oh-oH-OH-OH.. why is my life so boooooring'' FTlw3BfTM

How come i never have eaten turkey?
Because it's not common to eat one with christmas here. We just gourmet.
Although, now that i think of it, i think i have had turkey filet on a sandwich. That was nice.


2013-01-16 11:31:09

So you're alive. How did you manage to survive after all this time?

FairSquare responds:

I.. ate enough, had enough liquids and.. slept.
Didn't get shot either.
Cool huh?