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2010-12-11 09:42:08 by FairSquare

Don't you just love Moby? He's such a versatile artist..

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2010-12-11 10:07:37

nope, fuck you

FairSquare responds:

I know opposites attract each other, but this difference in taste doesn't make me want to fuck you.


2010-12-11 10:28:23

no i like moby but fuck you also

FairSquare responds:

Oh, so you want to fuck because we have the same taste?
Well, i'm not that easy.


2010-12-11 11:17:01

Moby is great, I always have enjoyed his heartfilled music. You should check out his "Animal Rights" album. It is probably one of the most underrated albums that I have ever heard next to Kingbastards Beautiful Isolation.

FairSquare responds:

Yeah, i have that album. I have all his albums :)
That's when i reach for my revolver.


2010-12-11 12:09:49

moby so vegan.

FairSquare responds:

I don't care, he makes good music.


2010-12-11 15:07:50

LOL you really turn that aroun on registar XD

FairSquare responds:

Don't be so hard on Registar. He's just a person, confused and insecure about his sexuality.
When someone sees that and confronts him with it, he gets angry and tries to cover up his insecurity but that doesn't work. I see through it.
Registar, if you read this, just be honest. Lying about yourself is not going to make things better. Be honest about who you are and what you stand for, that's the only thing that can make you a happier person.
I know, it's not easy. It's not easy to say: ''You thought i was this person, but actually i am somebody else, deal with it!''
But there has to be some point when you can break that barrier.
I call that barrier: ''The wall of pretensy''. And yes, i know ''pretensy'' is not an actual word, but it is quite obvious that i got it from the word ''pretending''.

So yeah, Registar. Be yourself.
And for you, Gaycied.. keep on dreaming of stars and butterflies, for you will become the master of youth and tarantulas.

Watch my words...


2010-12-11 19:57:43

I don't care for it personally

FairSquare responds:

Ok. Then what do you care for?


2010-12-12 11:36:42

Incredible, this give my life some more colors.

FairSquare responds:

You just made up the title of my next song..
''Give my life some colors''
Glad you liked it :)